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EECS467: Autonomous Robotics Laboratory

  • Labture: 10:00a - 12:00p (MW) in EECS 2334
  • Prerequisites: EECS281 or equivalent programming experience (instructor permission)
  • Units: 4 (ULCS and MDE)
  • Textbook: None
  • Staff:
    • Prof. Edwin Olson (
      • Office hours: 9a-11a Friday in EECS 2334
    • GSI Robert Goeddel (
      • Lab hours: 3p-5p Thursday in EECS 2334
  • Announcements/Discussion: (

Weekly Schedule

The lab is used by two different courses, and we must coordinate with each other's schedules:


All other hours are open to either class. Share!

Exam Information

Midterm 1: Feb 24th, 10a-12p (in class)

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