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Your deliverables for the final project are:

  • A demo of your system in Tishman on April 21. You must also provide some signage for your project that identifies your project and (ideally) helps to attract people to your booth. (Note that this is not a technical poster as in ArmLab--- just a sign, not a poster.)
  • A technical video. It should be adhere to the same submission requirements as the BotLab video. Please name your video in a distinctive fashion (e.g., robo_hockey.mp4, instead of final_project.mp4).
  • Peer evaluations (as always!)

Note that there is no separate write-up, though you are welcome to submit a brief note describing aspects of your technical work not evident from the video. There are no points associated with such a write-up, though it may help us better evaluate your project as a whole.