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Thur, Jan 6. L1. Overview, What is AI? (R&N Ch 1.1-1.2, 2) Media:L1.pdf

Tues, Jan 11. L2. Problem Solving & Search (R&N Ch 3.1-3.3) Media:L2.pdf

Thur, Jan 13. L3. Uninformed Search (R&N Ch 3.4) Media:L3.pdf

Tues, Jan 18. L4. Informed Search (R&N Ch 3.5+) Media:L4.pdf

Thur, Jan 20. L5. Local Search and Genetic Search (R&N Ch 4.1-4.2) PS1 DUE Media:L5.pdf

Tues, Jan 25. L6. Constraint Satisfaction (R&N Ch 6.1-6.3) Media:L6.pdf

Thur, Jan 27. L7. Guest Lecture: AI in Medicine [Syed]

Tues, Feb 1. L8. Adversarial Search (R&N Ch 5.1-5.5) [Wellman] Media:L8.pdf

Thur, Feb 3. L9. Logical Agents (R&N Ch 7.1-7.4) PS2 DUE Media:L9.pdf

Tues, Feb 8. L10. Propositional Logic and Inference (R&N Ch 7.5+) Media:L10.pdf

Thur, Feb 10. L11. First Order Logic: Basics (R&N Ch 8.1-8.3) MIDTERM 1 Media:L11.pdf

Tues, Feb 15. L12. First Order Logic: Inference via propositionalization (R&N Ch 9.5+) Media:L12.pdf

Thur, Feb 17. L13. First Order Logic: Direct Inference (R&N Ch 10.1-10.3) Media:L13.pdf

Tues, Feb 22. L14. Planning with resources (R&N Ch 11) Media:L14.pdf

Thur, Feb 24. L15. Graph Plan & Real-world planning (R&N Ch 11) PS3 DUE Media:L15.pdf

(Spring break)

Tues, Mar 8. L16. Uncertainty and Probability (R&N Ch 13) Media:L16.pdf

Thur, Mar 10. L17. Bayes Networks (R&N Ch 14.1-14.5) Media:L17.pdf

Tues, Mar 15. L18. Bayesian Inference (R&N Ch 14.5+) Media:L18.pdf

Thur, Mar 17. L19. Continuous Probability (R&N Ch 15) PS4 DUE Media:L19.pdf

Tues, Mar 22. L20. Gaussian Distribution (See L19 slides)

Thur, Mar 24. L21. Kalman Filter (R&N Ch 15.4) MIDTERM 2 Media:L20.pdf

Tues, Mar 29. L22. Decision Making and SDPs (R&N Ch 16, 17.1-17.4) Media:L21.pdf

Thur, Mar 31. L23. Value and Policy Iteration (see L22 slides)

Tues, April 5. L24. Classification: kNN and Boosting (R&N Ch 18.1-18.5, 18.9-18.10) Media:L24.pdf PS5 DUE

Thur, April 7. L25. Classification: Neural Networks and SVMs (R&N Ch 18.7, 18.9) (See L24 slides)

Tues, April 12. L26. Machine Perception (skim R&N Ch 24) Media:L26.pdf

Thur, April 14. L27. Regression (R&N Ch 18.6) File:L27.pdf

Tues, April 19. L28. Perspective. PS6 DUE

Tues, April 26. FINAL EXAM