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EECS498: Autonomous Robotics Laboratory

  • Labture: 10:00a - 12:00p (MW) in EECS 2334
  • Prerequisites: EECS281 or equivalent programming experience (instructor permission)
  • Units: 4 (This course qualifies as an upper-level computer science elective)
  • Textbook: None
  • Staff: (eecs498-staff@SERVER)
    • Prof. Edwin Olson (ebolson)
      • Office hours: (See below)
    • GSI Ryan Morton (rmorton)
      • Lab hours: (See below)
  • Announcements/Discussion: (eecs498@SERVER)

Note: SERVER = (for troll prevention)

Practice exams/quizzes

The material we cover changes every year, so these are only suggestive of the types of questions we might ask.





Weekly Schedule


The lab is used by two different courses, and we must coordinate with each other's schedules:

  • Labture: Our lecture/lab sessions. You should be here.
  • Green: EECS498 priority hours.
  • Red: EECS373 priority hours; don't come.
  • White: Shared EECS498/EECS373 hours, benches are first-come, first-served.
  • Gold: Shared EECS498/EECS373 hours, but also 498 office hours

Office Hours:

  • Edwin Olson (Prof): 1:30-4:00p Thursday
  • Ryan Morton (GSI): 2:00-5:00p Monday
  • Mihai (IA): 5:00-8:00p Monday