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EECS498: Autonomous Robotics Laboratory

  • Labture: 10:00a - 12:00p (MW) in EECS 2334
  • Prerequisites: EECS281 or equivalent programming experience (instructor permission)
  • Units: 4 (ULCS and MDE)
  • Textbook: None
  • Staff:
    • Prof. Edwin Olson (
      • Office hours: 9a-11a Friday in EECS 2334
    • GSI Pradeep Ranganathan (
      • Lab hours: M 2p-3.30p, W 1.30p-3.00p
  • Announcements/Discussion: (

Device setup

If you need to use the camera and april.jcam on your own machine/laptop, you will need to add the appropriate udev rules:

cp 99-april.rules.m /etc/udev/rules.d/99-april.rules
  • unplug and plug-in device again

Practice exams/quizzes

The material we cover changes every year, so these are only suggestive of the types of questions we might ask.





Weekly Schedule

The lab is used by two different courses, and we must coordinate with each other's schedules:

498 exclusive: MW 10-12

373 exclusive: T3-6, W3-9

All other hours are open to either class. Share!