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This calendar is subject to change.

Linear Algebra Review. part1 part2 part3

9/5 L01. Course Overview pdf mp4

9/10 L02. Probability Review pdf mp4

9/12 L03. Gaussian Distributions pdf mp4

9/17 L04. Gaussian Distributions - Marginals and Conditionals pdf mp4

9/19 L05. Laser Scanners: Line Fitting pdf mp4

9/24 L06. Chi2 distributions/Rigid Body Transformations/Odometry pdf mp4

9/26 PS1 DUE L07. Odometry and Uncertainty; Non-linear optimization for SLAM pdf mp4

10/1 L08. SLAM example: odometry and feature initialization pdf mp4

10/3 QUIZ 1 (in class) (plus additional L08 material, see above.) mp4

10/8 (No lecture)

10/10 MIDTERM 1 (in class)

10/15 Fall study break (no class)

10/17 L09. ML Data Association and JCBB pdf mp4

10/22 PS2 DUE (Note: due date moved to 10/24) L10. More data association: SCGP, RANSAC. pdf mp4

10/24 L11. Structure of SLAM, Review of Posterior Uncertainty pdf mp4

10/29 L12. Variable Orderings, Marginalization and Sparsity. SqrtSAM pdf mp4

10/31 L13. Cameras: Image formation and calibration Features pdf mp4

11/5 L14. Harris, Kanade Tomasi corner detectors, and SIFT (see previous PDF) mp4

11/7 L15. Segmentation, Homographies pdf mp4

11/12 L16. GPS and map projections pdf mp4

11/14 PROJECT PROPOSALS DUE. PS3 DUE L17. Stereo and Kinect pdf mp4

11/19 L18. Particle Filters, MCL pdf mp4

11/21 QUIZ 2 (in class) EKFs (additional lecture time) pdf mp4

11/26 L19. Fast SLAM and Other Maximum Likelihood Methods pdf mp4

11/28 MIDTERM 2 (in class)

12/3 Final project work-session/ progress.

12/5 L20. Sensor Zoo mp4

12/10 FINAL PROJECT SHOWCASE (in Tishman Hall, 10a-1p)


Topics to squeeze in somewhere:

Laser Scanners: Scan matching / terrain modeling