EECS598 - Autonomous Automobiles (F13)

Course Overview

EECS598-004 is a research methods and research class focusing on algorithms for autonomous automobiles. Topics include: planning a research project; structuring and writing a conference paper; reviewing papers; and oral presentations of research. Each student will select a project, write a ICRA/IROS-style paper, review the papers of other students, and present their paper to the group.

Instructor permission required, enrollment will be restricted to students with previous experience in autonomous vehicles and those who are able to propose a topic idea at the beginning of the term.


Professor: Edwin Olson,
Office: BBB3737

Course Calendar

In addition, I anticipate scheduling meetings as necessary with individual students to discuss progress/brainstorm/etc.

Course Policies

5% Paper pitching worksheet
5%Paper pitching presentation
5% Paper skeleton
5% Project progress update
20% Final paper presentation
25% Final paper
15% Reviews
20% Participation/attendance