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This is a hands-on guide to learning git. It assumes you have access to the engineering login servers, and (for part 3) that you are working together with a small group.

Part 1: Create a local git repository, do some work

mkdir git-test
cd git-test
git init .

Now add a file, and make a series of commits

<write some stuff, save it>
git add README
git commit -m "Readme"

Repeat this a few times

Finally, you can see your commit history here:

git log --patch

Part 2: Create a remote git repository, upload your changes

mkdir helloworld
cd helloworld
git init .

Fill out hello world.

git add
git commit -m "Added hello world"
compile it, and run it.

Now make a remote repository

ssh <uniquename>
cd ~/Public
mkdir helloworld.git
git init --bare helloworld.git

Now, back in your development directory:

cd ~/hellworld/
git remote add origin <uniquename>
git push origin master

Part 3: Collaborate with a small group (2-3 students)

Start with everyone grabbing the same copy of an existing template:

git clone git://
cd animals
javac *java
java Main

Decide with your group which person will fix the implementation for "Dog", "Pig" and "Cow" (only one per person)

After fixing your code file, make sure the output is correct by recompiling and rerunning. Then make a commit out of this

git add <filename>
git commit -m "<your-message>"

Now, setup a remote repository:

ssh <uniquename>
cd Public
mkdir animals.git
git init --bare animals.git

Locally, setup a new remote to point to that repository

git remote add <uniquename> <uniquename>
git push <uniquename> master

Your changes have now been uploaded.

Now, try to get the code from your groupmates. You will need to add a remote for each person:

git remote add <their-uniquename> <my-uniquename><their-uniquename>/Public/animals.git
git fetch <their-uniquename>

Check that the right commit was uploaded for each person by typing

git log -p <uniquename>/master

for each groupmate.

Now, on one persons computer, try to merge all the changes together;

For each of the other people in your group,

git merge <uniquename>/master

Then recompile and run the program again.

At the end, check that all the commits have been integrated. A good way to do this is with gitk, a full-featured git GUI. It allows you to see all the commits that have been made, and check which commits are available from which remotes.

gitk --all

You should see something like: