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Welcome to the April Robotics Laboratory public wiki. We study autonomy, perception, robotics, interfaces, and learning. This wiki provides information about our publicly available software, hardware, and other materials.

Our research group's main website, which contains our research papers and information about the people who work in the April lab, is at

April Robotics Toolkit

The April Robotics Toolkit contains a growing number of libraries targeted towards robotics applications. These libraries are intended to be easy to integrate into your existing projects, whether you use LCM, ROS, or your own robotics infrastructure.

Downloading and Installation

To use the libraries in the toolkit, you'll need to download its dependencies, then download, compile and install the toolkit itself.

Download and Installation: Step by step instructions

Using the toolkit

(These systems are currently documented in the source code and/or in the docs folder of the April distribution. Over time, we will be adding additional information here.)

  • AprilTags: A visual fiducial system using 2D barcodes
  • Camera suite: A comprehensive camera model, calibration, and rectification suite
  • Vis: Tools for building interactive 3D interfaces